Why Wearing Masks is Extremely Important for Kids?

The outbreak of coronavirus or Covid-19, we must say, has changed our lives so quickly before we even knew it. It turned the world upside down and changed our daily routine and habits like going to work, vacations, shopping, and a lot more. Now people are staying at home, avoiding people on the street, and maintaining social distancing in ways that we never have imagined.

With this pandemic situation, the risks for kids has increased a lot just other than catching the flu or common cold on normal days. We know how kids can be reckless and fun when it comes to playtime or when they go out. It is therefore important to protect them from viral infections by adopting new and needed measures like wearing a mask. Taking it on priority, wearing the mask in public spaces is the first and foremost habit that we should teach our children to adopt. But convincing the children to wear the masks is somewhat tricky. Here are some ways in which you can help your kids to wear the masks:

Teach Them How to Wear It

Though it is not so difficult to wear the mask, it could be for your little ones. Give your kids some time to practice wearing their masks whenever you step out of the home and help them develop this habit by constantly reminding.

Decorate the Masks

Children love to draw and make art, and let them decorate their masks. To develop a healthy habit of wearing the masks, you can give them the idea of decorating them with stickers, or markers to write their name. It will evoke a sense of ownership, which will make it easy for you eventually.

Educate Them

To speed up the process, try to educate your kids about the importance of wearing masks. Make sure you explain how wearing masks can help prevent the spread of germs when someone sneezes or coughs. 



Make It Fun

Play a doctor or nurse game with your younger kid and introduce a sense of play, while teaching them how to wear the masks every day.

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Along with wearing the facemask, teach them other safety measures like washing hands, and practicing social distancing. Masks from Gubbacci will keep you and others safe.