Types of Face Masks You Should Know About

The spread of Covid-19 is mainly initiated through respiratory droplets. So, wearing a face mask is important to prevent this first stage transmission. Droplets can travel as we talk, cough, shout, sneeze, and even when we sing. Thus, an affected person doing all these can transmit the infection.

Thus, masks are nothing but a simple barrier that prevents these droplets from traveling to another host. Once the nose and the mouth are covered snugly, these droplets get restricted and the spread is slowed down. However, there are different kinds of masks available in the market each serving a different purpose. For example, kid’s face masks that are designed keeping in mind the requirements of children and they also vary in size according to the shape of their face.

Here, you will get an idea of the variety of face masks that are available on the market so being a consumer you can make an informed decision based on the facts.


Types of Face masks

Some masks work better than others. The Kid’s reusable face masks are made of good quality materials and protect you from virus attack even after few washes. Similarly, there are a variety of other face masks available that serves a different purpose.


  • Cloth Masks

Fabric face masks with two to three layers are considered most effective and allow easy breathability. These masks are often made from tightly woven cotton or cotton blends. Custom face masks made of fabric are quite popular in the market.

  • Non-Medical and Disposable Masks

Disposable masks are single-use masks, which are often mistaken for medical or surgical masks. Disposable masks are a better option than reusable masks in situations where it is most likely to get dirty or wet. You also need to keep in mind that the disposable masks fit perfectly on your face without any gaps at the side. It must also cover your mouth and nose completely like a premium pleated shaped mask.

  • Masks with Vents or Exhalation Valves

This is another kind of mask that is quite popular in the market but WHO does not recommend it as this type of mask might not prevent the spread of the virus. Due to the opening or valve on the mask, the respiratory droplets might escape and infect others. However, the effectiveness of these kinds of masks for the Covid-19 disease is still under research.

  • Respirators and Surgical Masks

Respirators and surgical masks are meant for healthcare workers and doctors so using these masks is not recommended for the general public. The supplies of these masks to medical centers and hospitals are critical and so they must be reserved for the people who are serving the patients. Usages of these masks by the general public can cause shortages and bring life risks to medical professionals.

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