Standard Reusable Face Masks for Kids

With the spread of Covid-19 virus all over the world, our responsibility towards maintaining public safety has increased manifold. The current pandemic demands complete adherence to the guidelines issued by WHO and other government agencies. Some of the major instructions include compulsory wearing of medically verified face masks and keeping a distance of at least 6 feet from each other whenever going in public areas. 

The pandemic has already caused much harm to the entire world and the only way to keep yourself protected is to become more responsible by wearing, taking good care of our immune system, and regularly washing hands. WHO also pointed out that children and the elderly are much more prone infections because of their bodies having lower immunity than adults below the age of 50 years


Gubbacci presents these beautiful kids’ wear face masks that are specifically designed in compliance with all safety and manufacturing guidelines. Each mask is made with a blend of premium cotton and spandex fabric so that the 4-way stretch causes zero irritation. Moreover, the adjustable ear loops and nose clip provide a better fit. These masks are not only available in vibrant colors, but also can be reused again and again.

Gubbacci Standard Kids Wear Reusable Face Mask – Plain

Kids are the toughest to convince especially during these times when wearing a mask is mandatory. Gubbacci created these kids wear reusable face masks so they can be comfortable while wearing them. They are made of soft fabric that allows the masks to be washed regularly and reused as many times as one wants. Write their name with a permanent marker on the fabric label attached to the mask so they have a sense of ownership. Since they are re-usable, they contribute to reducing land pollution that has increased even more after the use of single-use masks has increased. 

Gubbacci Standard Printed Face Mask for Kids (5-12 years)

Meant for 5 to 12-year-old kids, these masks will be a quirky addition to your kid’s ensemble. A one of a kind pandemic fashion, these premium printed face masks come in multiple colours and an official Gubbacci cloth bag. Your kids can choose from black, grey, yellow, blue, and maroon colours to suit their everyday outfits. Made in India, these face masks shall protect your kids all day long.


For such challenging times, it becomes imperative to keep your kids safe from any harm whenever they step out of the house. Make sure they wear the Gubbacci reusable face masks for kids, designed especially with soft blend fabric and adjustable ear loops that ensure a comfortable fit and increased protection. The whole array of mask in different sizes, styles, and colors are available for you to explore at Gubbacci.

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