Replace the Unexciting Surgical Masks with Gubbacci Custom Face Masks

With the COVID era still prevalent, face masks have become the new norm. They are like accessories that you can never have enough even if you have one in each of your favourite colours. There are just so many designs and patterns that you can get to match your everyday outfits, even the fancy ones.

We can’t be more exciting to bring you our catalogue of masks ranging from stylishly-appealing to standard ones that are safe for kids and old people. All these are made from high-quality materials and offered at pocket-friendly prices. What else would you need? Let’s get a deeper insight into the types of face masks you can avail from

  • Basic Masks: The only thing a reusable face mask has to be is comfortable and these reusable face masks from the Basic collection are made from 100% cotton fabric. So you know what they’re going to be, right? They are super soft, comfortable, and lightweight to provide a great experience protecting you from dust particles and allergenic pollen. Wear them, wash them, and wear them again!


  • Standard Masks: Get a pair of these reusable face masks from the Standard selection and you are good with an affordably-stylish option for your everyday ventures. Made from cotton fabric, they are strong and long-lasting, which saves you a lot of time and money on something that you would need almost every day. The best part, you ask? Each of these comes with a replaceable PM2.5 filter.


  • Premium Pleated Shaped Masks: Not everyone likes to style their daily look with something fashionable, for which there are these premium, pleated face masks. In addition to their standard size and style, they are completely safe for kids and the elderly as they’re made from skin-friendly cotton fabric. Again, you can wash them when needed and they can be reused as many times as you like.
  • Premium Plus Masks: Finally, here comes our collection of chic face masks that combine the features of all our other ones in combination with a stylish outlook. If you wear a pair of glasses then you might want to have one of these in your style wardrobe as they are designed with a sturdy nose pin as well. Hearts, stripes or polka dots, these face masks have them all!

So, when we say we have an option for everyone, we really mean it! Gubbacci USA proudly offers a wide selection of these face masks and sustainable clothing, both in retail and wholesale quantities. Go through our website and choose a product for yourself today!