How You Can Get Kids to Be Comfortable Wearing Face Masks

In this post, I’ll be sharing my thoughts and suggestions on how you all can make kids wear face masks.

Since we all know that face masks are the need of the hour, everyone must follow the guidelines so that the transmission of the virus is decreased. Kids might be a bit difficult to handle when it comes to being consistent with wearing a mask. Here are some things that you can try to make them wear their mask regularly:


Help Them Get Used to Wearing Their Mask

Giving the child more time to play with their masks at home and practice wearing them, can help them learn how to put it on and keep them on when you go out.

Kids Face masks

Encourage Them to Decorate It

This will surely create more curiosity and liking towards the mask. When they feel ownership over their mask, it is easier to make them wear it while going out.

Plan a Mask Making Activity

Making face covers from cloth at home will intrigue them and make them familiar with the mask they are going to wear. Get the necessary material (fabric, thread, elastic, etc.) to make a mask that easily fits them.

Make Them Fun To Wear

Incorporate their face mask as a costume in their role-playing games. They can be the doctor and put the mask on to their dolls and other toys. Buy or make  masks with funny and striking designs that will make them attracted towards the mask.

Face Masks

Please share your ideas and thoughts that have worked for you.