How To Explain the Importance of Wearing A Mask to Kids?

It’s tricky to convince a child to wear a face mask consistently when wearing it can be uncomfortable and annoying to most children. Here are a few things that you can do to make them understand the importance of a face mask so that they wear them —

Face Masks

  • Allow them to ask all kinds of questions about wearing a mask. Also, you can ask them what they know about the COVID-19 virus to start the conversation. You might get to know about their fears and apprehensions which will help you make changes to the way you approach them for wearing their mask.
  • Ask them what they think is the hardest thing about wearing a face mask. Give them the validation and share your feelings too. This way you can make them considerate of the fact that you too are having problems and they will have to bear with it.
  • Empower them by sharing that wearing mask will protect them and others including her friends, grand parents and everyone . Once they know that this will help others, they are usually more willing to wear and keep the mask on.
  • Be a role model and wear the mask correctly and consistently. Kids do what they see

Importance of wearing mask

These suggestions will surely build a healthy mindset where the child will stop complaining and start wearing the mask