Five Mistakes to Avoid While Wearing a Reusable Face Mask

5 mistakes to avoid while wearing face masks

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken over worldwide. Everyone is aware that it can spread rapidly via respiratory droplets between people interacting in close proximity, by coughing, sneezing, touching, or talking. Wearing a face covering in public can help protect others if you are infected with the virus since these face masks act as physical barriers against viral droplets.

There are many Do’s and Don’ts of wearing a reusable face mask. While wearing a reusable face mask people often make some of the common mistakes that are to be avoided in the long run. Take a look at some of the common mistakes to avoid.

Mistake #1: Touching Masks with Unclean Hands
Reusable masks are worth using only when properly clean. Always put on the mask after cleaning the reusable face mask and with clean hands. The same goes while removing the mask. First, wash your hands with a liquid disinfectant or sanitizer and then remove your face covering.

Dirty hands can aid in the spread of more viruses and bacteria.

Mistake #2: Not Wearing Them Properly
Though wearing a face mask is quite simple, but not wearing your mask properly will defeat the point of wearing one. The mask shouldn't slip below your nose and it needs to cover your nose, mouth, and chin completely. Don't remove the mask off your face while speaking as good masks will be able to carry your voice even with the face mask in place. Clean your hands and make sure you are socially distanced before removing your mask.

Mistake #3: Masks that are too loose or too tight
Wear a face mask that fits your face size. It should be neither too loose nor too tight. Masks that are too loose will not effective block the droplets. Masks that are too tight will make you uncomfortable, and leave marks on your face . Look for masks that have elastic ear loops for adjustment. A proper fitting face mask will cover your mouth and nose snugly.

It is very important to buy kid’s size masks for children. Adult size masks are usually too loose for children and they will keep falling of the face.

Mistake #4: Wearing a Wet Face Mask
At times the reusable cloth masks may get wet. It may happen due to excessive sweating or from rain or snow, but you need to try to keep your face mask dry at all times. Once the face mask becomes wet, it becomes less effective and needs to be changed to a dry one. Try carrying an extra mask at all the times as they may become wet, the elastic breaks or they get dirty. 

Mistake#5: Wearing a Dirty Mask
A dirty face mask only increases the chances of an outbreak on your skin due to a bacterial build-up. A reusable fabric mask needs to be washed after every use. To do the same soak your cotton face mask in boiling water for about 5-10 minutes along with liquid detergent and let it completely air dry before use.

While we wait for an effective and safe vaccine, wearing an appropriate face mask and social distancing are the most effective ways to curb the outbreak. There are many masks that are available in the market. Find one that fits well and has a good balance of Functionality, Safety and Comfort. Explore the wide variety of reusable face masks for Adults and Children that are available in various sizes, colors, prints at